How to use VVDI MB BGA Tool to Read Write Key?

VVDI MB BGA Tool benz key programmer support to read Write Key support read key basic information, write key file, renew/write NEC key.(Support Keyless Go). BE keys can read password directly via IR, renew BE key, write new key file to BE key,NEC adaptor support v51, v57 key will display two mode to use VVDI MB Tool to read write key.

How to use VVDI MB BGA Tool to Read Write Key?

1.IR mode

Identification key:Support read key basic information: SSID, counter, remain times, usetimes, key number, status, version, mark values etc
BE key: Key version is BE,support read password and key eeprom stored in BE key,write new key file to make a working key, renew used BE key to new one etc
If working key is BE version, you can read password from key directly, no need read password from EIS
NEC&BGA Keys: Write key file to new original keys or erased keys via IR
Write mark values: Only BE key support, you can write information for yourself
Copy key password: You can copy the password to clipboard after success read key password
Repair key via IR: When identification key, you can only get SSID, Status, Version, then you can repair this key via IR
2.NEC Adaptor mode
For NEC v51, v57 version, support read password from working key directly, no need read password from EIS
For all NEC types, you must use “Identification key” to read one time before renew/write key2.

How to place key NEC chip to adaptor via read/write/renew key via NEC adaptor

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