How to use VVDI MB BGA tool change EIS For MB 207 all key lost

About Mercedes Benz 207 all key lost, you need to change EIS

Tools you should buy – VVDI MB BGA TOOL:

Support all key lost
Mainly used for key reading and writing,EIS tools,password calculation,key file preparing,ESL tools,ECU/Gearbox renew and many special functions

support renew EIS and ELV,support write EIS and ELV

More Detail functions:


Firstly, we need to read EIS old data.

  1. Click “Read EIS data”, tick off “allow user”, then enter Key pass, then click “Save EIS data” to the “207 all key lost” folder, follow the prompt to finish the following procedure.


  1. Prepare key file. Click “Load EIS file” then “Prepare Key File”


  1. Make new key.

1) Click “Read Write Key” and insert key into EIS;

2) Click “Identification key”, reading data success and you will see key is unuse, it is a new key.

3) Click “Load key file” and select “Key1_801DDA38_used_015” to open.

4) Click “Write”. Writing success and click “Identification key”


5) Change EIS.


6) Click “Read EIS data”, you will see the key1-key8 is new. Then click “Load EIS data”


7) Choose EIS VIN again and click “Write”, click “Read EIS data” and remove the tick before “Activated”, then insert new key into the EIS.


8) Click “Read EIS data”, meanwhile tick off “Activated”, you will see Key 1 is used.

Okay, the Xhorse VVDI BGA tool changes EIS successfully.