How to Use VVDI Key Tool Clone Honda 46 Chip?

VVDI key tool can clone transponder, test frequency, clone remote and more functions, we have displayed some functions in previous.And today we will add on more guide about VVDI key tool clone Honda 46 Chip.In brief,VVDI Key Tool operation steps are easy and it will show tips on the screen.In future,VVDI Key Tool will update more features and supported type.

VVDI Key Tool Clone Honda 46 Chip

1.Enter into “TP Clone”.


2.Please insert the original key into left coil according to the ic,and press OK to clone.


3.Do like the menu shows in the VVDI Key Tool machine.


3.1.Put the top antenna near the ignition coil,press OK button to sniff data.


3.2.Turn on the ignition one time with the car’s key.


3.3.Keep the cars’s key in the left coil,press OK button to calculate the password.


3.4.Calculate OK.Put a new 7936 or SN-02 in the coil,Press OK to clone data.


4.Clone successfully.Test new key.