How to solve vvdiprog device error check usb driver?

I got a vvdiprog for testing and I have some trouble with it.


Error: device error check usb driver

– Tested sw: 4.4.4 or 4.6.7
– FTDI driver: 2009-10-22 (the recommended one)
– The updater recognize the prog and it’s able to read serial and version (it’s 2.0, no need to upgrade)
– When unplugged the prog totally : no device detected or something
– Win7 x32 run as admin
– only the red led light

my steps to solve this:
– Ftdi unistaller, another driver from the driver folder 2016-02-02driver.exe = not working at all
– Ftdi unistaller latest FTDI driver = device error check usb driver
– xp sp3, everthing again = same results
– win7 x64, everything again = same results
– win10 x64, everthing again = same results
– different usb ports, different cables including powered usb cable, different machines
– with external power (12v) and w/o

The prog is working with the owner pc (win7 x32, he using the old 2009 driver)

Credits to @Jodge (DK member) for his generous experience sharing.

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