How to solve Peugeot 406 2004 cant sync the remote key?

Have Peugeot 406 2004 I have done bsi replacing with new ecu car starts great program keys ok but cant sync the remote control tried more than 7 types of remote with 433mhz for psa cars key programmed but no remote.


I changed the com2000 as I think it’s the receiver no luck

tried to sync by ign on with press key 10 seconds no luck

eis works fine with key from door outside and inside

need help which remote will work and how to sync

changed transponder but its id46 chip external chip not built in remote.

How to do:

Remote control data is also recorded in 7936. Add a remote control from xhorse

You need an original remote part no. 6554.RA or equivalent. The remote must transmit network code of 04DA if you have a tool to read.

Recently done one. Wireless super remote didn’t work. But the one which is semi-super remote worked. Like I don’t remember which xhorse series it is, will check tomorrow. But the one which can emulate just a few types of immo chips like 7-10 (7935, 7936 and other), I believe it was a first xhorse attempt to universal remote. I just programmed it via diagnostics, then was pressing all buttons like a mad man, switching ign on off and after 1-2 min BAM and remote started working. Make sure you generate it with VVDI, not a key tool and make sure it tells you to use remote with NXP chip, then you can be sure it’s a right type.

Car Remote Key 433MHz:

PEUGEOT 406 2002 Transponder PHILIPS Crypto2 ID46 JMA TP12,TPX4 PCF7941 or key PCF7936

PEUGEOT 407 2004 Transponder PHILIPS Crypto2 ID46 JMA TP12 TPX4 PCF7941 or key PCF7936

And xhorse remote list: