How to Solve ESL is locked(maybe damaged) Error?

V2.1.1 VVDI MB BGA Tool latest version newly add function to repair W204 ESL fatal error and repair old motorola ELV. you need buy an extra adaptor for ESL.

When check ESL damage it says:ESL is locked!(maybe damaged)

So if renew eis and try to personalize, it will not solve anything, must clear or renew esl. Following 3 screenshots, when try to unlock esl it can try till 2000+ times and it wont unlock it. Renew gives instant error (can be seen on bottom)

After some attempts I finally unlocked it and esl is unlock.

vvdi-mb-tool-esl-1 vvdi-mb-tool-esl-2 vvdi-mb-tool-esl-3

Update Successful

I had sometimes fail and I try again and again

I had some keynotes maybe it helps someone

-for renew EIS I had to do on bench, on car I couldn’t (even with Kline esl)

– when read v57 key psw with esl adapter it corrupted nec or something, I cannot open with remote and in dashboard said matching key (or similar) and waited a lot but don’t match. Key not working… soooo desolder again, renew nec and write 051 key, and it went perfect, notice that was v57 keyless key

-very important to do steps fill password key and get erase key when you write

-for unlock esl i had to stop and start again till 800 approx at fourth time it went OK and it did successfully.