How to Solve Condor XC-MINI “Learn Fail” Error by Key Duplication Way?

Condor XC-MINI support cut by key database,key duplication,and cut by key code and bitting way. And as a friendly reminder, Citroen SX9 key and Ford FO21 need to buy optional M3 clamp.(Get New  Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Key Cutting Machine)


For Ford FO21 key and Infinity IF90 key,we received two same feedback that they got an error “Learn Fail” by key duplication way.

Ford FO21 with M3 clamp key cutting error “fail error, 26 (not support) (x = 0, y = 0, z = 0)”

And Infinity IF90 key got error just like the following pic shows:



1.Ford FO21 key cutting,it can not support cut by key duplication way.Please do through cut by bitting way.

About how to find bitting,you can check from MINI Condor menu “Find Bitting”,and the guide blog:


2.Infinity IF90 key

For “Learn Fail”,it is key duplication way can not support your key.Please try to cut by key code way or cut by bitting. If after input the key code,the key bitting all shows “?”(on the screen there is no a key parten as would be on any other key code it shows only a ? On all the cuts!!),there will be two reasons:

First,your key is too old,the database does not include your key.

Second,your key code is wrong,please check again.

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