How to Repair Mercedes-Benz ELV with VVDI MB Tool and NEC ELV Adapter?

The Mercedes-Benz 204, 207, and 212 lock (ELV/ESL) sometimes may be damaged, and the malfunction can be like following faults:the remote control works but the key cannot be turned on dashboard, the ELV is not unlocked, and the car cannot be started.etc Here we will introduce ways to repair the ELV error with VVDI MB Tool.


Firstly,we need to know whether the internal motor is damaged or the NEC chip is locked. Use the VVDI MB TOOl to connect the vehicle via OBD way, click “Check ESL damage” and you will get any of following display:

ESL is working: means the motor is damaged and you need a new full set of ESL motor.

ESL is damaged: need to replace new ESL,or repair NEC chip.

1.VVDI MB Tool and ELV Emulator and ESL/ELV Motor Steering Lock Wheel Motor

Remove assembly. Since the direction lock is in the locked state in most cases, the direction lock ELV cannot be removed when the screws are removed!


There are four screws on the direction lock. We can remove them then open them carefully.


After opening, reomove the circuit board, you can see the motor, replace it with the new motor.Then put all back to the right position.

vvdi-mb-tool-repair-elv-3 vvdi-mb-tool-repair-elv-4

2.NEC Chip is locked.

Disassemble the direction lock ELV and remove the NEC chip from the board.


Use VVDI MB Tool and VVDI MB NEC ELV Adaptor for Benz W202/W204/W212 (Support Ship From US/UK)

Repair the chip,and put the chip back after fix well.


3.Xhorse ELV Emulator for Benz 204 207 212

Perfectly substitute original ELV/ESL.
Can emulate primary sound.
Great compatibility,support all benz vehicle with w204 w207 w212 directional lock.
Can substitute at the original place,will not impact the appearance more table and safety.

vvdi-mb-tool-repair-elv-7 vvdi-mb-tool-repair-elv-8

And you can check the detailed operate video of ELV Emulator Replace