How to remove the back cover of the condor xc-mini plus?

Recent time we received feedback that I have a condor mini xc and when I turn it on, the white LED light comes on and the cutter moves around, and then the white led light blinks one time and turns off. The screen for the machine does not come on at all.


And engineer suggest to disassemble the device to see if the screen is broken or the cable is loosen. And here is the guide about how to remove the back cover of the condor xc-mini plus key cutting machine.

1. The screws in the red box need to be removed.


2. The screws on the back cover also need to be removed


The device of km02 and km03 can be operated according to Figure 1 and Figure 2. The device of plus also needs to remove the screws of the screen. Pull out the rubber plugs on the left and right sides of the screen to remove the fixing screws.


4.After removing the above screen and back cover fixing screws, you can take off the screen. Then you can check the cable whether it is loosen or not.