How to Reduce Xhorse Programmer ID48 Clone Calculation Time?

Today we are going to share the other approach to VAG Immo4 ID48 Add Key & All Key Lost by Xhorse Programmer.


Compared to ID48(96bit) online calculation,

What are the differences between online calculation and OBD Clone?

1. Time

ID48(96bit) online calculation: 30 minutes to 2 hours or more

OBD clone: 1-3 minutes

2. Requires an original key?

ID48(96bit) online calculation: requires an original key

OBD clone: requires nothing so it can do Add Key and All Key Lost.


3. Process

ID48(96bit) online calculation: Follow instructions (sniff data…)

OBD clone: Read engine PIN/CS code via OBD. If it fails, users need to pay for it from a dealer.


OBD Clone Tips:

1. VVDI Key Tool Plus can directly do OBD clone, while VVDI2 needs to work with ID48 Data Collector.


2. Data collecting requires VVDI Super Chip but not an OEM ID48 chip.

3. When the device cannot collect data, users need to turn on the ignition by a key blade and wait for 10 minutes, and then try again. (Immo lock may occur because of a key blade without an identified chip inserted into the ignition)


Hope this could help!

Thanks to Auro Smart.


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