How to Read Maserati 1K79X0 EEPROM with VVDI PROG?

VVDI PROG programmer universal tool which can support to read ECU, MCU and EEPROM.VVDI Prog Programmer can support online updating,will add more support chips in future.

How to use VVDI Prog to read Maserati 1K79X0 EEPROM

Maserati 1K79X0 ECU and MCU MC9S12DT256



1.Start VVDI PROG software

2.Select Type: 2-MCU
Select Brand: MOTOROLA
Select Chip type: MC9S12DT256
And will display Encryption address and program procedure:
1. Read and backup EEPROM, P-Flash data
2. Erase chip data
3. Write new data


3.Click Connect diagram to view detailed wiring diagram
4.Solder and connect cables with VVDI Prog and Maserati ECU like the diagram shows


5.Click New tab,then read,and device initializing
6.Read EEPROM data


Save the data.