How to program Toyota/Lexus Key?Will VVDI2 support?

VVDI2 full version is free with Toyota h authorization. And in VVDI2 Transponfer programmer software,it includes toyota brand, and we received review that customer use VVDI Prog read 2000 Toyota Avalon eprom 63C56 eeprom data successfully,but vvdi2 add new key failed. If fails, your toyota not support at present.


And today we will share Toyota/Lexus smart key and ordinary key programming tips. If vvdi2 not support,you can check some other professional key programmer.

1.Toyota/Lexus: Smart Key (not support refitted vehicles):
1.1.Car models before 2007, dismantle smart box and write key then can start your car.
1.2.Toyota car after 2007 year

If you have one working key, then you will need the original key to add a new key.

If all key lost, please try to backup EEPROM, you can use tool like VVDI PROG.

2.Ordinary Key:
2.1.Chip 8A/H (for example Ralink), need a master key to add a new key. If all key lost, please change IMMO box.
2.2.Chip 4D/67/68.
2.3.Chip 4C, need to dismantle and write a key that can start the car.
2.4. Chip G, need a master key to add a new key. Need to reset the immo box if all keys are lost.

And xhorse super chip can support 11, 12, 13, PCF7935, PCF7936, PCF7937, PCF7938, PCF7939, PCF7946, 48, 4C, 4D, 4D(80), 4E, 8A, 8C, 8E.

3.If your VVDI2 is full verison,how to get Toyota H authorization free?

3.1. Use google store/allple store for download the APP.

3.2. Choose the country code and use your phone number to register the account , put the correct country code and phone number for get the security code then login , you can set your password after.


3.3. Bind your vvdi2 with your xhorse account.

Customer can use the ‘upgrade kit’ for link the device on the account , First , connect the device with PC and run the upgrade kit , choose ‘Find Device’ then ‘Binding ‘

3.4.Run the APP and scan the QR code for link it


Also you can log in with the account what you want link device on


After log in the account , your device is link on your account ,you can check it with app.

6.5.Login your account on Customer Self Service. Or in APP,choose shop,then Function,click Activate Toyota H for advance VVDI2.