How to program 2016 Audi S7 US version with 315MHz?

Hi! Could anyone please point me the right procedure to program or clone the key fob? It’s 2016 Audi S7 US version with 315MHz.
I’ve got plastic spare/emergency key 4H0 837 216 A with variable code transponder which allows me to open the door manually and start the engine.
Probably inside this plastic key there is a ID48 transponder or something similar. Originally I should have the keys with number 4G0 959 754 DB (US 315 MHz)
but I bought my car on auction without any key. The plastic emergency key I bought from dealer, because it was cheap. The fully functional keys are expensive. I bought a key fob with chip PCF7945AC.

Can I use VVDI mini key tool to clone transponder from plastic emergency key to this key fob? If not, what can I do to achieve this?


Only OBD programming.
is us car is ok you key
is Europe 4H0 959 754 DD key

4H0 837 216 A have carbon pcf7945ac
Xhorse vvdi2
zed full..

and learn it by OBD
clone not possible.

Credits to DK user.