How to obtain VVDI Mini Key Tool 96bit ID48 Function?

Let’s read a customer’s feedback first: I have one VVDI Mini Key Tool, I hope it has 96-bit ID48 clone function, but when I clicked on “Bonus Points Mall”, I couldn’t found it, I was a little bit lost. How can I obtain 96bit ID48 function? engineer replied:

Actually, VVDI Mini Key Tool owns 96bit ID48 function as long as you have bonus points by generating Xhorse remotes (like XK, XE,XS,XN).

Wired remote = 25 bonus points

Xhorse wireless remote =40 bonus points

Xhorse super remote =40 bonus points

Xhorse keyless go remote =60 bonus points



At that time, VVDI Mini Key Tool will have 96bit ID48 function in the “Bonus Points Mall” :

vvdi-key-tool-96bit-48-clone-01 vvdi-key-tool-96bit-48-clone-02 vvdi-key-tool-96bit-48-clone-03


Alright, let’s read another customer’s feedback: VVDI Mini Key Tool only display one free function, not display the two paid functions.

vvdi-key-tool-96bit-48-clone-04 vvdi-key-tool-96bit-48-clone-05


Answer: Please enter “Account”  -> “Already Got” to view it. If you didn’t bind the machine, please follow this article to operate.