How to get Xhorse Remote Tester Radio RF iR for US Customer?

Xhorse Remote Tester for Radio Frequency Infrared has two version in,one is with 868mhz,one is without 868mhz,their outlook are the same.If mobile phone frequency is 868MHZ in your country,like US,please buy this Xhorse tester without 868MHZ. As the phone frequency will be recognized by tester,the tester 868MHZ light will be on,and beeping,never stop.

Recently SK199-B Xhorse Remote Tester without 868MHZ one do not produce any more,how can mobile phone frequency 868MHZ customers like US can use?

Please do not worry,you can buy SK199 with 868mhz,and open the case,operate like following pic,then you can use it normally just like SK199-B.


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