How to Get VVDI2 Read MED17 EDC17 PIN CS MAC Function?

VVDI2 V3.0.3 is powerful programmer for BMW,VAG,Porsche,PSA car models.And may customers asked us about the VVDI2  CS / MAC function.

How to Get VVDI2 Read MED17 EDC17 PIN CS MAC Function?

The following function listed in Xhorse VVDI2 need internet support and require authorize for Condor Automatic key cutting machine: OBD read MED17/EDC17 PIN / CS / MAC, calculate OBD data online, calculate EEPROM / FLASH for PIN/MAC/CS.


If you have condor xc-mini key cutting machine,you can bind your key cutting machine with vvdi2,then you get the function free.This function we do not sell separately any more,if you do not have the key cutting machine,can not get access to the function.

Or in future,you can exchange remote points to pin/cs/mac function.Remote point system is :If you use Xhorse Remote/key and add to car, every key give you points.But at present remote points is not available for foreign customers.

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