How to Get Mini Key Tool ID48 Clone Free Activation and Token& Points?

One customer asked where to check out free 1,500 points for ID48 Clone on Mini Key Tool app. He paid to activate ID48 function but only to find 0 points on app (path: Account>> Combine device).


In this case, ID48 function is activated for free, and what he bought is One-year ID48 Clone Token.

Here we will show you different versions of VVDI MINI:

There are 2 versions,

1.VVDI MINI with ID48 License and one-year token

ID48 License is already activated for free, and users would get 1 token each day within 1 year

*this version is only produced before 2023


2.VVDI MINI (Free ID48 License and no token)

To activate ID48 function,

1)Generate 10 new VVDI Remotes

2)Buy Xhorse ID48 License, users will get 1,500 points

To get ID48 Tokens& Points,

1)Buy ID48 Token one by one or One-year ID48 Token

2)Generate VVDI Remotes


Done! Hope this could help!