How to active ID48 96bit function of VVDI Key Tool Max?

VVDI Key Tool Max remote/transponder function is just like MINI Key Tool/VVDI Key Tool,and for ID48 96bit function of VVDI MAX,how can get?


How to get free ID48 96bit function?
Please use VVDI Max to generate Xhorse new remote key 10pcs,after collect points,1 hour later,server will open ID48 96bit function free.

To enable COPY 48 acivation , 10 new remotest must be generate
No matter if they are Wire remote, NXP remote, Smart key, or Super



1.VVDI Max ID48 96bit function can not purchase,only after generate 10 xhorse remote key and collect points to get.

2.VVDI Key Tool Max ID48 96bit function is not free with year token.You can purchase token,item NO.SV86-S4.Or collect points from Xhorse remote key:Wire key 25 points per key,Wireless key 40 points per key,Smart key 60 points per key.1 Token=100 points.

3.MINI Key Tool is one token free everyday one year,some customer token may expire.You can buy token or collect pints.

4.VVDI Key Tool Max+ Mini OBD All Key Lost,it is Pre-Order now,and will be Feb
Xhorse Toyota 8A Non-smart Key Adapter for All Key Lost No Disassembly Work with VVDI2/VVDI Max plus MINI OBD Tool
Supported Car Models:
Levin, Corolla, Rav4, Pardo, Land Cruiser Prado, Camry, Highlander, Reiz, Sienna
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