How to fix VVDI AUDI BCM2 Adapter DATA1 DATA2 Reading fail?

Here we collect some frequent questions and their solutions when using Xhorse VVDI Audi BCM2 Adapter, so you can troubleshoot problems yourself.


Issue 1.

Read DATA1 success, but during DATA2 reading VVDI Key Tool Plus prompts “Error Code: 13040031”and“Read Data fail”.

How-to-fix-VVDI-AUDI-BCM2-Adapter-Error-Code-13040031-2 How-to-fix-VVDI-AUDI-BCM2-Adapter-Error-Code-13040031-3

Solution 1 :

Do Not try as you like when it shows “Error Code: 13040031”, the correct way is to check cables & adapters connection and external power supply, try to read again and it should be fine (Do Not read DATA1 again, unlock BCM or try to install BCM back and read via OBD). Read data as instructions and restore BCM back, and there will be no other problems.


Issue 2.

Read DATA1 and DATA2 success, save Immo data and service data success, but write service data fail and it prompts “Fail to erase” when repeating service data writing. Try again and DATA1 reading also fails.

How-to-fix-VVDI-AUDI-BCM2-Adapter-Error-Code-13040031-4 How-to-fix-VVDI-AUDI-BCM2-Adapter-Error-Code-13040031-5

Solution 2 :

When VVDI PROG  reads DATA1 & DATA2 successfully and saves service data, we can select “Unlock” to unlock BCM’s CPU.


Until the system prompts that the unlock is successful



Then select “SERVICE DATA” and write it back.


After writing successfully, restore BCM back to vehicle, and vehicle can start without additional operation.


Above problems are collected from customers feedback. Hope this could help. More questions, contact us.