How to connect OEM BMW FRM Adapter with VVDI Prog

OEM BMW FRM Adapter Work with VVDI Prog without Soldering, and here is the connection instruction.

As it is not Xhorse brand, then you can not choose FRM-E-SERIES(ADAPTER), FRM-E-SERIES_REPAIR(ADAPTER) options in <8-OTHER>-> VVDI Prog software. Please choose BMW–>FRM-E-SERIES-XEQ384-READ to try.


And here is the connection photo without OEM FRM Adapter:


Here is the OEM BMW FRM Adapter and VVDI Prog connection


Now Xhorse XDNP18 Solder-Free Adapter for BMW FRM Work with MINI PROG / Key Tool Pus/ VVDI PROG is released! You can use Xhorse VVDI Prog with XDNP18 BMW FRM adapter + Xhorse XDPGSOGL DB25 DB15 Connector is released OK, you can use Xhorse adapter and choose (Adapter) menu in VVDI Prog software


Here is the VVDI PROG + XDNP18 Xhorse BMW FRM adapter + Xhorse DB25 DB15 connection diagram