How to choose the right key for Mercedes-Benz?

I’d like to help me choose the right key for Mercedes-Benz… There are so many boards, 1 or 2 batteries, re-writable or not etc… I’ve some questions.

  1. Is there a key that works on all models with FBS3 system? From EZS with HC905 MCU to EZS with NEC MCU? Or I need this key for ’97 to ’00, that key for ’00 to ’05 and the other other key as of ’05. Any link – suggestion?
  2. Do the covers of the keys have the Benz logo on them?
  3. Which key boards are better with 1 or 2 batteries? What is about the battery life/duration?
  4. About the Xhorse VVDI BE Key, is it a good solution? Is it re-writable?



The answer is I say the Key’s with 2 Batteries are BETTER

The BE keys are not so many – they are all rewritable and they all are SUPPOSED to work on every IR Benz car except for the FBS4.

But in reality best keys are those from Xhorse and the regular Chinese BE keys with 2 batteries type.

Logo concerns the key case you choose to use. This is something to discuss only with your supplier.

How to distinguish if the Be key is a 2 batteries type?

2 batteries are the keys with battery holder like the first chrome keys.

1 battery are those who mimic the BGA keys – without battery holder.