How to Choose LISHI VW HU162T Tools

HU162T we have HU162T (9) and HU162T (10), and we will also  introduct condor mini cut hu162T in previous blog. Here we will introduct how to compare HU162T lock tools.

After the mechanical lock of VW Audi is upgraded from the tooth shape of HU66 to HU162T, the corresponding unlocking tool has also undergone great changes.
The previous HU166 only needs one tool to open different models and whether it is an ignition lock or a door lock. All can be opened, but it is more complicated after upgrading to HU162T.

Not only the tools used for ignition locks and door locks are different, but also there are three types of door locks at this stage: HU162T-8 HU162T-9 HU162T-10.


How do we distinguish what car and tool we choose?

HU162T-8 This model is for the opening of the door locks of the new Jetta brand and the low-level configuration VW series.

HU162T-9 This model is for most VW, and some low-level configuration Audi vehicle door locks are initially used.

HU162T-10 This model is for most high-configuration VW, Audi and the like when the door lock is opened.

Of course, if it is not possible to distinguish them in detail, it is recommended that these three tools are fully equipped for emergencies. When opening, insert each tool into the lock hole to try, and the model that responds to the corresponding position of the lock piece is the correct tool.

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