How to change pin in PSA BSI?

To change pin in PSA BSI, i think you have to virgin your eeprom dump then recode with pps/lexia (Coding + Immo adaptation(PIN) + Key learning)
You can clone your BSI with smok, avdi or ioterminal (Read FLASH and EEPROM in old bsi , write them in donor) (not all bsi are supported)
sometimes need to key learning after cloning

SMOK is very good tool (you have to spend money for it)
i don’t recommend eeprom swapping , works for old bsi but on others strange behavior


you can change pin in dash – ECU (adaptation with VCDS Immo2 – Immo3(no sure))

from Immo3+(Dash) / Immo 4(Dash) / Immo 5 (cars with key in BCM2)
you have to adapt with CS , MAC , PIN , POWER CLASS in the donor DASH – ECU (not Immo 5)

VVDI , AVDI , SMOK good tool for the job

hope you find some help in my answer
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Credits to @ runtronics974 (DK member)