How to bind Your Xhorse VVDI2 With Condor XC-MINI?

VVDI2 commander and Condor XC-MINI,both of them are original xhorse tools,and they support to bind together.You can contact us to get them binding.


1.What is need for VVD2 and Condor XC-MINI binding process?

XC-MINI Condor Key Cutting Machine Serial Number

VVDI2 Serial Number

Your order number



2.What is the advatage of binding?

It will add the function of calculate cs code online,and Magotan CC no need demolition function.etc

3.How to check whether VVDI2 and Condor XC MINI bind successfully or not?

1.Start VVDI,choose menu,enginer control,MED17

2.Click to add test.bin file.

3.Click OBD online calculate

4.If not bind,it will show this function is only for xhorse condor customer,if you have condor xc-mini,please contact dealer.

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