How to bind Condor XC-MINI with VVDI MB Tool for One Token Free Everyday?

Condor MINI bind with VVDI MB Tool can get one token free everyday.But one Condor mini only can bind with one vvdi mb tool.And please note that we have more requirements for binding of condor mini and vvdi mb. (Get New  Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Key Cutting Machine)

Youu must provide your Customer ID information (Passport, Driving license etc)VVDI MB Tool serial number, Condor master series serial number in one photo just like following pic.


1.If you have Condor XC-MINI and not bind before,buy VVDI MB Tool from us with discount price 1189USD,please provide us condor mini serial number.Then after you receive VVDI MB Tool,please provide the photo like picv 1.

And for Condor mini serial number,many customer send us the number on the feet of machine,that is not serial number,you can start your machine check on screen or on your manual,serial number formate is like KM03*******.

2.If you buy Condor xc-mini plus vvdi mb tool bundle package,sale with 3899USD DHL free shipping.After you receive two items,provide photo like pic 1.

3.If you VVDI MB Tool is not bought from us,please contact the seller you bought to bind,we do not have the access.Thanks.

After bind,your VVDI MB Tool can have one token free everyday.