How to Activate VVDI2 (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization?

VVDI2 (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization is released now!If you have VVDI2 full version,you can get (VT-01)Prepare Toyota H chip free.Activate H in xhorse update kit software self service system.If your vvdi2 is not full version,buy  (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization from us.This blog displays VVDI2 Full customer how to activate H chip authorization free.

Note:Prepare Toyota H transponder require online calculation.Each time will cost 200 bonus points.(You can check your points in Points system)


How to know your VVDI2 is Full version or not?

Please check device information,if your VVDI2 has the four following authorization,it is Full version.



VV-01(VAG 4TH )

VV-02(VAG 5th)


How to Activate (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization?

1.Please connect VVDI2 with computer well.
2.Start Xhorse Upgrate kit software, select VVDI2,and click find device.


3.You can  Click System Point >>View My bonus Points  or Binding,then go to self service system.


4.Login your account on Customer Self Service website.If not use before,register firstly.

Here is Xhorse account register step:

4.1.Use google store/allple store for download the APP.

4.2. Choose the country code and use your phone number to register the account , put the correct country code and phone number for get the security code then login , you can set your password after.


4.3.Run the APP and scan the QR code for link it


Also you can log in with the account what you want link device on


After log in the account , your device is link on your account ,you can check it with app.

5.Login your account on Customer Self Service. Or in APP,choose shop,then Function,click Activate Toyota H for advance VVDI2.


6.After process activate,please wait 30 minutes,update vvdi2 firmware in xhorse update kit software.

7.Prepare Toyota H chip authorization is OK.

VVDI2 (VT-01) Prepare Toyota H Chip Authorization Note:

1.Each time will cost points. The points you need collect via xhorse remote key. Or your id48 96bit free with 1500 points,can not buy the points at present.

2.Toyota H authorization you need get by yourself in xhorse app for vvdi2 full customers. If your vvdi2 not full,please buy toyota h authorization.