How much do you know about Xhorse MINI Prog?

Xhorse will launch a new convenient and safer handheld programming pen —MINI PROG. The features of this MINI programmer are: no need to use a computer, no welding required for a specific model of 8-pin memory CPU with adapters, and has a cloud storage function to upload the read data to the cloud disk to avoid data loss. The standard configuration of MINI PROG is as follows: programmer host, eight-pin probe adapter, welding adapter, and special stainless steel stone grinding rod for removing glue.


1.MINI Prog Buttons and Package List

MINI Prog Front




Top: MINI screen display (display information and status)


Eight-pin probe adapter:


Welding adapter: suitable for some ICs with special circuit board layouts and strange models, which need to be welded to read. (Use as an auxiliary supplement to support 8-pin 6-pin IC, and can process Xhorse 35160DW Chip)


Special steel stone grinding rod for removing glue (special tool for removing glue from circuit board and IC)


2.MINI Prog Features

2.1: Compared with the past programmers or some free clips that perform pin detection before reading data, data cannot be read when the pins are not properly contacted (the APP and the programming pen both display pin detection prompts), so the mini prog greatly enhances the security of reading data.



2.2: No computer, no welding

No need to bring a computer to connect, just use a mobile phone to connect! And you can edit and compare data on your mobile phone. And there is no need to bring an air gun soldering iron and inverter power supply, everyone simplifies the work process and reduces the risk of operation.


2.3: The cloud storage of data greatly facilitates the movement and storage of data, and the data access between various devices is very convenient. (Space capacity can be exchanged with points) It is often used for data writing and starting, data processing of BMW FEM BDC.


3.Other functions and optional adapters:

In addition to the commonly used data reading function, the MINI PROG programmer also has the function of unlocking the key. (Unlock some second-hand used keys as new keys)

Optional adapters:

BMW CAS4, Porsche BCM, BMW footspace module, Land Rover KVM, Honda, Kia, some of the instrument free adapters. Of course, if you don’t want to buy these optional adapters, there are traditional wiring adapters you can buy. Achieve the function of traditional programmer welding line to read data.