How is Godiag Full-Protocol OBD2 Jumper Working with VVDI Programmer?

Godiag Full-Protocol OBD2 Jumper, designed for connecting multiple OBDII ports and ECU ports, can work on odometer correction, immobilizer programming, ABS&ECU diagnosis etc.


Here we’re going to show you how it works with VVDI Programmers.


Godiag Full-Protocol Jumper Indicators:


From above we can see it’s equipped with,


  • Independent GND4, GND5 (special ECU programming)


  • GND4 GND5 short-circuit switch (switched to short-circuit mode for some ECU programming)

Note: The switch of GND4-5 is normally pressed to make it light. When some ECUs need to be independently connected to GND4 and GND5, release the switch.


  • Ignition Switch Emulator (1 large and 2 small dedicated ignition cables)


  • Double K line, double CAN line (standard obd2 full protocol connection)


  1. Work with VVDI MBfor Benz W221 EIS

For Mercedes AKL programming, this Godiag OBDII Jumper could replace EIS Test Cables for communication.



In this case, VVDI MB prompts to manually set a resistor between CAN-H and CAN-L.

Generally, we break rubber skin and connect two cables by a resistor; this Godiag jumper has double CAN line, so we just connect one set of CAN line to EIS, and connect the other set of CAN line by the resistor.


Then we could get EIS data on VVDI MB.


  1. Work with VVDI2 for Audi A6 Engine

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