How Honda Key Turns VW Style Flip Key by Dolphin XP005&Key Tool Max?

Today we’ll upgrade a Honda Pilot 2008 key to a VW style flip key by Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 and VVDI Key Tool Max.

We’ll generate remote by Key Tool Max with a Xhorse Wired remote, clone transponder chip by Key Tool Max and duplicate key by Dolphin XP-005 Key Cutting Machine.


Step 1. Generate Remote

To find correct remote type, care the FCC ID on the original key(OEM), and we can also get frequency by it.


Go to

Vehicle Remote>>Honda>>Pilot

Or just input FCC ID.

Find the correct remote type.


It support wire/wireless remote, and we choose a wired key – XKB510EN.

Connect key PCB to Key Tool Max by generating cable and click on “Generate remote”.


After generating, don’t forget to install a battery.


Step 2. Clone Transponder(in car)

Also install a VVDI Super Chip, and then put the case back.


On Key Tool Max, go to “Transponder Clone”.

Select “46 Transponder Clone” and put the original key into the slot to read it.


Select “Original key clone – Long distance sniffer” and follow instructions.

how-honda-key-turns-vw-style-flip-key-by-dolphin-xp005-key-tool-max-6 how-honda-key-turns-vw-style-flip-key-by-dolphin-xp005-key-tool-max-7 how-honda-key-turns-vw-style-flip-key-by-dolphin-xp005-key-tool-max-8


Step 3. Cut Key

Find Bitting>>Honda>>HON66

Install M2 Clamp as required.

Put original key in clamp to decode.

Put new Honda key blade in clamp to cut.



Last, install the key blade.


See how different.

how-honda-key-turns-vw-style-flip-key-by-dolphin-xp005-key-tool-max-11 how-honda-key-turns-vw-style-flip-key-by-dolphin-xp005-key-tool-max-12


Done! That’s how we make a new VW style key from the old working one by Xhorse tools

Dolphin XP005 plus  Key Tool Max value package: