Get Mercedes A164 W164 Gateway Adapter for VVDI MB BGA TOOL

Mercedes A164 W164 Gateway Adapter  for VVDI MB BGA TOOL is new arrival adapter.This gateway simulator can work with VVDI MB Tool and  original MB NEC PRO57 or APPRO-MB TOOL.


To read Mercedes W164 EIS, you need one gateway to read EIS data via OBD.With this simulator you can successfully read/write ECU via OBD.
benz-a164-w164-gateway-adapter-for-vvdi-mb-pic-1 benz-a164-w164-gateway-adapter-for-vvdi-mb-pic-2 benz-a164-w164-gateway-adapter-for-vvdi-mb-pic-3
And we also have W164 Gateway Adapter work with VVDI MB BGA Tool
When VVDI MB tool program key, firstly the EIS data need to read out. With this Xhorse Benz W164 Gateway Adapter connected to the vehicle gateway, you are allowed to remove EIS at the office, which is very convenient, without this adapter you have to read EIS data in the car.