Free Download V10.30.029 Toyota TIS Techstream Software

Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota professional tool for Toyota with cheap price,you can diy by yourself.And how to know the Toyota TIS cable is original xhorse?Please check the firmware,ours is V2.0.4,others is lower.


1.Free Download V10.30.029 Toyota TIS Techstream Software

V10.30.029 Toyota TIS

2.Toyota TIS Operating System:
XP or XP Mode in Windows 7 (except win 7 home)
A part of users use VMware and XP Professional.


Chinese, English,French, German, Italy, Japanese, Spanish

4.What is difference of Xhorse MINI VCI and Copy MINI VCI Toyota?
A:Xhorse MINI VCI Toyota firmware version: V2.0.4,but copy MINI VCI is V1.4.0

if you want to reset immo, or make customization to cars, need at least 2.0.1 Firmware version.
So with 2.0.1 FW there is change in PCB, as it support VPW, and has extra security chip.
On the other hand, all these simple clones with 1.4.1 FW support only CAN and K line cars,
but VPW protocol is not supported in 1.4.1 FW, and there is no parts for it on PCB.