(Fixed!)Key Tool Max Program XM Smart Key Prox Feature doesn’t Work


Working on a Toyota Tacoma 2016 smart key board 2110 using VVDI Key Tool Max, Only one option makes the remote work but none has the proximity/smart feature working, Toyota Rav4 2018 the same issue.

fixedkey-tool-max-program-xm-smart-key-prox-feature-doesnt-work-2 fixedkey-tool-max-program-xm-smart-key-prox-feature-doesnt-work-1


Here Xhorsevvdi engineers answer:

Sometimes a smart key generated successfully may not fully function the vehicle: remote doesn’t work, doesn’t have smart feature or even one button fails etc., which needs us to modify smart keys values manually.


Possible reason:

Xhorse XM smart keys are universal keys, not particular for one model like Toyota Tacoma 2016, so we need to customize XM smart key to find correct values for each car.



XM smart key customization by VVDI Key Tool Plus or Key Tool Max.

Path: Special Function>>XM smart key customization


1)Modify Frequency

Sometimes the frequency options given to us is slightly different from that of the smart key to be programmed.

So read out the frequency “A” that your vehicle wants by Xhorse devices, then read original XM smart key frequency “B” and set “B” to “A”.fixedkey-tool-max-program-xm-smart-key-prox-feature-doesnt-work-4


2)Modify Baud

Read key’s Baud, increase it by 400, and test if it works perfectly.

If not, add Baud again by 400 until it works well. (The last two numbers may vary automatically, which is normal.)



Customer feedback:

I had exactly the same problem with a Corolla 2018, and I just made the changes on the ID and frequency as well and everything works…


Thank Tyler and Raphael for sharing!

Hope this could help!

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