Fixed! Xhorse Condor Mini Update Got Stuck after Changing Power Board

The other day we’ve talked about the update error of Condor XC-Mini Plus that it cannot boot or be identified by the Upgrade Kit, also including how to check the power board. If you meet the similar problem, go check:


Recently we receive his feedback that he still cannot update the device after replacing the power board, and the problem is the device and the Upgrade Kit got stuck when updating.

fixedxhorse-condor-mini-update-got-stuck-after-changing-power-board-1 fixedxhorse-condor-mini-update-got-stuck-after-changing-power-board-2 fixedxhorse-condor-mini-update-got-stuck-after-changing-power-board-3


Xhorsevvdi technical support asks for his serial number (SN) and CONDOR MINI’s homepage picture for analysis and gave the


1.Close all anti-virus software and system firewall.

Enter “Windows Security” interface.

Press “Virus & threat protection” and “Manage settings”.

Turn off all options.

fixedxhorse-condor-mini-update-got-stuck-after-changing-power-board-5 fixedxhorse-condor-mini-update-got-stuck-after-changing-power-board-6 fixedxhorse-condor-mini-update-got-stuck-after-changing-power-board-7


Note: Always remember that turn off all anti-virus programs when it comes to the update and installation of Xhorse software.


2.Re-install drivers and reboot the computer or try another computer.


Last we also receive the message that the customer’s device can be identified and update successfully.



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