Fixed! Xhorse Condor Mini Plus II “error code: 55”?


1. Xhorse Condor Mini Plus II, going to cut BMW HU92R, lost all keys, it gives this prompt [error code: 55 please input the original key (already cut)] when I put a new key on the clamp.

fixed-xhorse-condor-mini-plus-ii-cut-bmw-hu92r-akl-error-code-55-1 fixed-xhorse-condor-mini-plus-ii-cut-bmw-hu92r-akl-error-code-55-21


“Decode Key” button is designed for learning original (already cut) key when Add Key/Key Duplicating.

Machine will give this error when decoding a new key blank. Please input the original key on the clamp.



For all key lost, enter key type, lishi lock to get bittings or search key code, and then click “Start Cutting” instead of “Decode”.



2. Renault megane 2 2002-2008 not work for cut or decocoding, get the [error code: 55 please input the original key (already cut)]

condor-mini-plus-ii-error-50-1 condor-mini-plus-ii-error-50-2


The key is not placed correctly, the top of the key is aligned with the bottom of the second line of the clamp.


In this video i test to make a new card key on machine but get [error 15:please do following steps 1. Check the clamp position is correct  2. Check the key insert propertly, no chips]


And key put in right postion:


New Reply:

The wrong option is selected, the key is a thick key, firstly try the universal key duplication to cut.


Customer newest reply:

Note this blade ok for Renault car !

Scenic 2 year 2002 -2008
Megane 2 year 2002 -2008
Espace 4 year 2002 -2008
Laguna 2 year 2002 -2008
Tested and work
Reading key and cutting ok

condor-mini-plus-2-review-1 condor-mini-plus-2-review-2

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