Fixed! Key Tool Plus Add Key for Audi A5 OK but Remote Not Working

One customer gave feedback that he made an Audi A5 key by Key Tool Plus, and the start works well but not the remote on the key.



Also, he detected two keys’ frequency and wondered why Key Tool Plus Pad can’t show the original key’s figure.



How to Detect 868MHz Key by VVDI Key Tool Plus?

If the frequency is 868MHz, we can go to “Remote Clone” and switch to 868MHz on the right, and then we can read 868MHz keys.


So, here comes the reason:

The original key is 868MHz, but the new key is 434MHz – the frequency doesn’t match.

We need to switch frequency, and then the remote part should work fine.


How to change frequency of Xhorse Smart key?

If the new key is VVDI Audi Smart Key, just go to

Special Function>>VVDI Remote Function>>Smart Key Customization



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