Xhorse Dolphin XP-005/Condor XC-Mini Plus Cutter & Probe Breaks Test Method

Among customers feedback of Xhorse key cutting machine, mainly Dolphin XP-005 and Condor XC-Mini Plus, we found damage to cutter or probe has been puzzling our users. So here we collect three typical issues and share self-test methods. Hope this could help you better handle cutter and probe.



Dolphin XP005 keeps breaking probe and cutter, already calibrated for 7 times but it remains the same.



If the probe is broken during key learning, clean the original key by alcohol before key learning.



Got 1.5mm and 2.5mm cutter in Condor xc-mini, what’s the difference between them and where they would be better used?



1.5mm/2.5mm is cutter’s diameter. Usually, 1.5mm cutter does more accurate work, but it may not cover some wide area for some keys;

dolphin-xp-005-condor-xc-mini-plus-cutterprobe-breaks-test-method-1 dolphin-xp-005-condor-xc-mini-plus-cutterprobe-breaks-test-method-2

Part of key blank is hard so may break 1.5mm cutter while 2.5mm cutter won’t. Besides, 2.5mm can cover wider area than 1.5mm cutter.

After selecting key blank, the device often gives a recommendation about cutter diameter.



Why XP005 probes keeps getting broken, two in package are broken, and I do follow all the steps…



Please test as follows:

1)General case

The key blank isn’t clean enough. So clean it by alcohol first.


2)Electrical conductivity fault

Do electrical conductivity measurement to roughly test which is abnormal, probe or cutter.


Detailed steps, please check:



3)Accidental electrical conductivity fault

Remove the cover and test electrical conductivity on a fixed point to figure out what exactly inside machine has a trouble.

dolphin-xp-005-condor-xc-mini-plus-cutterprobe-breaks-test-method-4 dolphin-xp-005-condor-xc-mini-plus-cutterprobe-breaks-test-method-5

Detailed steps, please check:



4)Bench is shaking when the device is working

Make sure bench is flat and stable when machine is working.


Hope this could help!





Condor Dolphin XP-005/Condor MINI Plus Probe Broken tips

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