Condor XC-MINI Cut Toyota Pirus TOY43 Tips

Condor xc-mini is automatic key cutting machine, can support large arrange of car models. And we received feedback that when cut 2004 Toyota Pirus have problem:
I have a condor xc mini
I am trying to duplicate a key for a Toyota according to the menu
I’m supposed to align the key to the second line
As you can see, with the plastic on the end of the key, there’s is no way to get to number 2 line.
Engineer replied:
A new database will be released in these two days. Both learning and cutting are aligned with the third line and can also be cut. The condor mini key cutting machine has a self-adjusting function.
Please align to the third line.
Condor XC-MINI Plus newest firmware version V3.4.2
3.4.2 Condor MINI Plus Update

+ Add parts of Chinese car models
+ Add Chevrolet Captive key data
+ Add Peugeot 408 key data
* Fix HU100R align issue on Panda machine
* Fix other known bugs