Condor XC 009 introduction on its nice features and small tool kits

Condor XC-009 key cutting machine introduction video with English subtitle:

New Condor XC 009 key cutting machine nice features and small tool kits

New Condor XC 009 key cutting machine nice features and small tool kits – with word instruction

Posted by Xhorse VVDI on Saturday, April 14, 2018

This is Xhorse Condor XC-009 manual key cutting machine.


I will introduce Condor XC-009 features.

Firstly, this is a rotary handle, you can turn the handle or pull out the small Crank to operate as you like.


Next is to reset the external power. You can use the vehicle 12V power supply to charge.


This is power supply port position.


You can also use the 220V external power supply to convert 12V, then plug into the power port.


This is the position of internal battery, after turn on the switch, it will display the battery capacity.


Condor XC-009 has a standing feature that is it’s clamp is 40 and the user can switch according to your key slot type, and it’s very easy to switch feel just like a fish in water.


Another nice feature is the distance between the two clamps is large enough, it’s perfect to match the folding key, you can stuck in the key on the clamp instead of dismantling the metal keys, even though there are smart keys on the two sides, it’s also very easy to use, you can completely cut the whole key.

condor-xc009-nice-feature-08 condor-xc009-nice-feature-09 condor-xc009-nice-feature-10 condor-xc009-nice-feature-11

So XC-009 is very nice for our locksmith.

XC-009 has a user-friendly handle, you will feel good when going back and forth.


This is a measuring tool.


This measuring tool is for adjusting the height.


Next is to see XC-009 2 small tool kits.


There are 2 small tool kits used to stuck the key position.


This brush is used to clean the dust after cutting the key.


The wrench and the round metal stick is used to change the blade.

Insert the metal stick to find out the position, then use the wrench to disassemble the blade.

condor-xc009-nice-feature-18 condor-xc009-nice-feature-19

The scythe is to smooth the key after cutting complete.


The left small tool kits are used to adjust and disassemble the screws.


XC-009 weights 10KG ( 22 LB), so it’s very easy to take with you where you go.


Okay, please remember Xhorse Condor XC-009 manual key cutting machine.