Condor Dolphin Customize Key Data is OK

Condor XC-MINI and Condor XC-MINI Plus can use Key Customize Tool software to add data manually


For Condor XC-MINI PLus,Xhorse customize key data software, same you can use KM03 software of condor mini, after you make the new profile of customize keys, you can connect machine to PC, then run sync data function. (after sync you can find customize data from cut by bitting)

the detailed step we introduce like this blog:

How to add Key Menu to Condor XC-MINI Plus with Key Data Customize Tool?

And the new Condor Dolphin XP-005 Key Cutting Machine can support too, but not operate on computer software, do it in Xhorse APP.

Connect your condor dolphin xp-005 with Xhorse APP via bluetooth.

Then goes into Vehicle Database


Then Customize Key Data.


Then click continue and input the key data.

condor-dolphin-key-customize-1 condor-dolphin-key-customize-2 condor-dolphin-key-customize-3

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