Choose which one to program Mercedes key VVDI MB Tool or AVDI?

This blog is going to answer a question: Choose VVDI MB Tool or AVDI to program Mercedes keys? Below are some reviews to help you make a right choice!

Story is that a guy wants a tool to program Mercedes keys and deal with ELV/ESL problems, but hesitate to choose VVDI or AVDI. Then people start arguing.

The final conclusion:

For Mercedes key/ELV/ESL, Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TOOL is better choice than AVDI.


VVDI is much cheaper than AVDI and VVDI is even better in some areas!

VVDI MB Tool price: $1779 free shipping.

VVDI is better than AVDI in below areas:

  1. VVDI can write/erase cheap BE keys – AVDI no
  2. VVDI can repair fatal error on ESL 204 – AVDI no
  3. VVDI can read password from key V51 – AVDI no
  4. VVDI can renew key V51 without damaging radio bytes – AVDI no

Some people said VVDI need tokens but AVDI doesn’t need?

Yes, it’s true. But VVDI needs tokens only for online key calculations. And you need to do online calculation only when EZS with NEC and BGA key.

VVDI MB Tool Function Introduction:

Support BE keys, read password and prepare new key via IR

NEC V051, V057 support on board get password

All NEC keys support on board write and erase

Password calculate work fast: support BGA keys, NEC keys (include 51, 57version)

Support to renew and write EIS/ ELV

Support online generate key file

Unlock ELV function will be released soon

More information you can check here: