VVDI PROG, MINI Prog, KTP New Repair Function for Porsche 12V Lithium Battery

Porsche Lithium Battery Module Vvdi Prog V512 2

Update Time: 2022-02-24, Xhorse released the new repair function for Porsche 12V lithium battery. This function supports Porsche models from 2018 to 2020. Support Devices (GL Version):  1. Xhorse VVDI PROG – Software V5.1.2 + Add CAYENNE AC MOUDLE, LITHIUM BATTERY… Continue Reading

Xhorse Mini Prog and Key Tool Plus Solder-free Adapters Function List

Xhorse Mini Prog And Key Tool Plus Solder Free Adapters Function List 1

This article is going to bring you the Xhorse Solder-free Full Set for VVDI Mini Prog and Key Tool Plus. It is designed to program BMW, Porsche, Landrover, Volvo, Honda etc. without soldering. Overview:  Note: XDNP30 BOSH ECU Adapter is Not Included in… Continue Reading

How to use Xhorse XDKP30 Multi-function 4-in-1 Adapter

Xhorse Multi-function Adapter is developed especially for connecting old adapters such as BOSH ECU adapter, BENZ EZS adapters, etc. to KEY TOOL PLUS and MINI PROG. This is could help avoid purchasing those new accessories coming with KEY TOOL PLUS again… Continue Reading

Xhorse APP Chinese Language Solution

Xhorse APP Chinese Language Solution 1

Xhorse app includes VVDI MINI Key Tool, vvdi key tool, MINI OBD Tool, xp005/mini plus/panda, mini prog. About Xhorse APP language, some use newest 2.3.3 Xhorse app still only Chinese language.   Here is the feedback from customer my xhorse… Continue Reading


Mini Prog 2

Xhorse VVDI MINI PROG update to V34 , adds CEM MPC5646C,MPC5748G and DL382, supports key program for lynk&co,VOLVO S60 2020-,S90 2017-,V60 2015-,V90 2016-,XC40 2020-,XC60 2018- and EGS VOLKSWAGEN DL382 Details: 1.Add CEM(MPC5748G_MPC5747G)(ADAPTER), CEM(MPC5646C)(ADAPTER), options in->IMMOBILIZER->GEELY->lynk&co 2.Add CEM(MPC5646C)(2020-)(ADAPTER), CEM(MPC5748G_MPC5747G)(2020-)(ADAPTER), options in->IMMOBILIZER->VOLVO->S60 3.Add CEM(MPC5646C)(2017-)(ADAPTER), EM(MPC5748G_MPC5747G)(2017-)(ADAPTER),… Continue Reading