Xhorse BMW Multi Tool CAS Connection Instruction

V7.7 Xhorse BMW Multi Tool can do BMW CAS1-4 key programming,newest version is V7.7.BMW MULTI TOOL can operate by OBD2 port, provide great convenient for customer who need to match new BMW keys.With BMW CAS4 adapter, it can also support BMW CAS4 programming.

1. How to connect EWS with CAS Plug

bmw-multi-tool-connect-1 bmw-multi-tool-connect-2

2. How to connect 7 Series CAS1/CAS2 with CAS Plug:


3. How to connect CAS 3/CAS3+ with CAS Plug


1. Make Sure to Connect Dongle to Computer Before Run the Software.
3. You need CAS4 Adapter if you want to do BMW CAS4.
3. You can also check VVDI 2 BMW Key Programmer.

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