Best Ways to Cut PSA SX9 Blade by Xhorse Key Cutting Machine

One customer wonder what is the best way to cut key PSA with SX9 blade using Dolphin XP005.


He tried more 5 blank blades with M3 Clamp and bad result….


Here are methods shared by our customers:

Method 1

For the cut on top I have use this clamp.

For side cute I have use universal duplication

XP005L Machine with M5 Clamp


Method 2

Install only the key blade without the plastic head

(so the machine to decode correctly)


Method 3

Use the XP005 for the 2 first sides

And then use a manually XC009 for the 2 other sides, work perfect

You can move the new key for better cutting


Method 4

2 programs on the tablet

1st stage I cut only the edges with the program 5 bitting by decoding

2 stage program 4-5 bits I manually entered the bits to strawberry, and in the middle of the program when it asks you to turn the key I simply stopped

it works the key turns perfect in the neiman



Thanks to RS Quattro, Rudy Giraud, Akis Kara, Nevzat Çalışkan