Best tool for DUMP CAS3+ 0M23s and for CAS4 2014 F26

I want a best working programmer for my 2 cars (DUMP CAS3+ 0M23s and for CAS4 2014 F26), just for test purposes, I want buy cheap Chinese tool. what is the best option?

Tools options:

VVDI PRO V4.6.1 cheap working adapter to cover CAS3+ 0M23s and CAS4 2014 F26. Some of the chips that VVDI PRO V4.6.1 can cover shown as below.


-XPROG clone with dongle the latest versions v5.60/v5.70 very unstable are dangerous with CAS, if you do not have the correct diagrams for the connection, it’s so easy to fuck up something. You need the version v5.5.1 and the correct diagrams.

-CGDI not tested for the moment there are no reviews, but the company is the same that manufactures CG100.

-VVDI2 good tool only OBD.

-BMW Explorer the best interface for bmw if you are a professional and only do bmw, this is the tool you need, you can do everything but it is expensive more than 10k with all the functions.

-BMW Multi tool also good tool but is outdated only for EWS 1-2-3-4 and CAS 1-2-3 no CAS3+ or CAS4/CAS4+ for that you need downgrade CAS over OBD and it’s very risky LOL.

-FVDI from China is a joke with BMW i have it. Only coding or DTC, no special functions like milleage, CAS…

In my opinion buy an original tool like VVDI prog.