AUDI J518 Test Line Work with VVDI MB Tool and VVDI New Arrival

Xhorse AUDI J518 Test Line new product is releasing!AUDI J518 Test  Line work with VVDI / VVDI MB tool, able to do immobilizer online, component protection. Able to connect j518 engine, gateway and instrument ignition switch.

1.AUDI J518 Test  Line Display:

audi-j518-test-line-1 audi-j518-test-line-2 audi-j518-test-line-5 audi-j518-test-line-7

2.Audi j518 Test Platform

Work together with VVDI / VVDI MB tool, able to do immobilizer online, component protection. Able to connect j518 engine, gateway and instrument ignition switch.