Fixed! VVDI PROG with Emulator Replace Audi A6 C6 J518 Locked ELV


Audi A6 C6, no ignition, steering locked.

Changed J518 module by J518 emulator.


Reading eeprom and flash from original and writing on VVDI PROG J518 Emulator.

Job done with VVDI PROG and J518 solder free.

Also with Soldering method and cable v1 directly on PCB…




Possible Solutions:

1)Sometimes all you need to do is delete the fault code and ignition will be on again. Or just unlock steering when is off the rack and switch ignition on. After disable ignition lock and that’s it. 80% of that problem works.


2)Scan car. Hold brake pedal down or with light switch and you will get communications.


3)In J518 you can find two types of mcu. Some have 9s12d_128 and some have 9s12d_256 mcu. In emulator you have 9s12d_256 so it need 4Kb file. If your ELV have 2Kb eeprom, just with hex editor open some 4Kb file, in first half put all FF and in the second half copy-paste eeprom from original ELV. Flash leave the original from emulator. But you have to find why you do not have communication with ELV. Because you have to erase DTC and from emulator. Once I had water damage in can gateway on A6 4F and no communication with the vehicle at all.



The car run now.


Done! Hope this could help!