Adapters & Cables for VVDI Key Tool Plus & Mini Prog Tutorial (Chart)

This article is a detailed explanation of  Xhorse solder-free adapters and cables for VVDI Key Tool Plus and Mini Prog. This article mainly covers what they can do and how to use them.

Check below:

Item Image For Key Tool Plus For Mini Prog Function Wiring Diagram/Step
Basic Adapter
 XDNP10 Prog EEPROM Adapter

(Supplied in package)

adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-1 Read chip data (Desoldering required) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-2
Mercedes-Benz Adapters
XDNP13 DB9 Cable adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-3 × Connect Mini Prog to EZS adapter for reading Benz EIS data without soldering
XDNP40 Benz ELV Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-4 × Read/Write Benz ELV chip
(For repair damaged ELV caused by chip data loss)
XDNP41 MC68HC05X32 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-6 Read/Write old-type Motorola MC68HC05X32 series MCU
(Mainly for Benz EIS reading and Benz key programming)
BMW  Adapters
XDNP11 BMW CAS3/CAS3+ Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-7 Read BMW CAS3/CAS3+ data without soldering adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-8
XDNP12 BMW CAS4/CAS4+ Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-9 Read BMW CAS4/CAS4+ data without soldering adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-10
XDNP14 DB15-DB25 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-11 Connect Key Tool Plus/Mini Prog to BMW EWS4 adapter (Read ESW4 data without soldering) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-12
XDNP18 BMW E-Chassis FRM Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-13 Read BMW E-Chassis FRM data without soldering (Repair BMW footwell module) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-14
XDNP24 D80/35080 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-15 Erase/Read/Write BMW dashboard 35080 chip
(Mainly for BMW E-chassis&F-chassis odometer correction)
XDNP33 ECU Interface Board Kit (N20 N55 B38) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-17 Work with Bosh ECU adapter to read BMW N20/N55/B38 engine ECU and read ISN for F-chassis (CAS4+/FEM/BDC) AKL Null
XDNP49 B48/B58 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-18 Work with Bosh ECU adapter to read BMW B48/B58 engine ECU and read ISN for F-chassis (CAS4+/FEM/BDC) AKL adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-19
XDNP50 BMW EWS3 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-20 Read BMW EWS3 data without soldering adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-21
Instrument Adapters for Honda KIA Hyundai
XDNP19 Honda FIT-H Dashboard Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-22 Read/Write Honda FIT-H dashboard without soldering for repairing adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-23
XDNP20 Honda FIT-L Dashboard Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-24 Read/Write Honda FIT-L dashboard without soldering for repairing adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-25
XDNP21 Hyundai Sonata Dashboard Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-26 Read/Write Hyundai Sonata dashboard without soldering for repairing adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-27
XDNP25 KIA K3 Dashboard Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-28 Read/Write KIA K3 dashboard without soldering for repairing adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-29
XDNP26 KIA K5 Dashboard Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-30 Read/Write KIA K5 dashboard without soldering for repairing adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-31
Porsche Adapter
XDNP17 Porsche BCM Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-32 Read Porsche BCM data without soldering (Support ID49 chip Add Key/AKL) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-33
Landrover/Jaguar Adapter
XDNP16 Landrover KVM Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-34 Read Landrove/Jaguar KVM without soldeing (Support Landrover/Jaguar 2015-2018 Add Key/AKL ) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-35
Volvo Adapters
XDNP27 Volvo KVM Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-36 Read Volvo KVM data without soldering (Smart key programming) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-37
XDNP28 Volvo CEM-1 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-38 Read Volvo CEM data without soldering (Semi-smart/Smart key programming) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-39
XDNP29 Volvo CEM-2 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-40 Read Volvo CEM data without soldering (Semi-smart/Smart key programming) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-41
XDNP52 Volvo CEM(MPC5748G) Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-42 Read CEM on Geely Volvo and Geely Lynk & Co without soldering
Work with OBD function on Key Tool Plus for Add Key/AKL
XDNP53 Volvo CEM(MPC5646C) Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-43 Read CEM on Geely Volvo and Geely Lynk & Co without soldering
Work with OBD function on Key Tool Plus for Add Key/AKL
VW Adapters
XDNP45 Audi ESL J518 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-44 Read/Write Audi ESL J518  for OEM 8E Add Key/AKL on A6, Q7 adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-45
XDNP46 VW MG1CS001 ECU Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-46 Read VW engine data Null
XDNP47 TMS370 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-47 Read old-type Jetta IMMO data for ID42 key programming Null
XDNP55 VW EGS DQ200 Gearbox Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-48 Read/Write VW Audi DQ200 Gearbox ECU without soldering Null
XDNP56 VW EGS DL382 Gearbox Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-49 Read/Write VW Audi DL382 Gearbox ECU without soldering Null
XDNP58 VW EGS DL501 Gearbox Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-50 Read/Write VW Audi DL501 Gearbox ECU without soldering Null
XDNP59 VW EGS DQ250 Gearbox Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-51 Read/Write VW Audi DQ250 Gearbox ECU without soldering Null
XDNP60 VW EGS VL381 Gearbox Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-52 Read/Write VW Audi VL381 Gearbox ECU without soldering Null
Honda Adapters
XDNP54 Honda Civic BCM Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-53 Read/Write Civic 2019- BCM without soldering for Smart card AKL programming Null
XDNP57 Honda Vezel BCM Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-54 Read/Write Vezel 2019- BCM without soldering for Smart card AKL programming Null
Other Adapters
XDNP15 DB15-PS2 Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-55 Connect Key Tool Plus/Mini Prog to key renew adapter (Renew or unlock keys) adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-56
XDNP22 12V+5V Power Adapter

(Supplied in package)

Null Supply 5V and 12V power
(12V – supply power to BOSH adapter for ECU/EGS reading
5V – TYPE-C port supplies power to Mini Prog)
XDNP30 BOSH ECU Adapter and Cable adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-57 Read Engine ECU data by removing engine cover adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-58
XDNP34 MCU Cable

(Supplied in package)

adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-59 Read MCU data to program keys or repair/replace module adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-60
XDNP36 9S12XE Cable

(Supplied in KTP default package)

adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-61 Read/Write Motorala MCU data to repair/replace module Null
XDNP48 Delphi-48-IMMO Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-62 Read old-type Greatwall IMMO data for ID48 key programming adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-63
XDKP30 Multi-function Adapter adapters-cables-for-vvdi-key-tool-plus-mini-prog-tutorial-64 Compatible for:
1.BOSH ECU Adapter (DB25) No Need Soldering
2.Connect with EZS Adapter (DB9)
3.EWS4 Adapter (DB25)
Renew Adapter (Only for MINI Prog)
4.MINI Prog and Key Tool Plus (DB15)

More adapters are coming!

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