A Remote Issue Solution – Customize XM Smart Key Tutorial

People would use the key programmer with smart keys from the same company to add key. Sometimes they found transponder programming is successful but remote has problems. This article brings a way you can try – remote modification.


Some would find programmed keys can start the car, but they cannot lock/unlock doors, open the trunk or anything else. The main reason is that aftermarket smart key is universal key, so we need to modify/personalize remote so that its values are correct and match our vehicle.


We use Xhorse XM Smart Key to explain, but methods are similar for others.


How to customize XM smart key?

On Xhorse, only VVDI Key Tool PLUS and Key Tool Max has customization function.

Path: Special Function>>VVDI remote function

This function is update, no need to modify parameters like before.

Put key PCB into the coil and click on “Read”.


Then make every button match function.

Here our “trunk button” is Unrecognized.

Just click on it and select “SUV trunk”. Can’t be easier.


Besides, we should check if key frequency is the same as the options we select to program. And adjust signal strength by our needs.

Before exit, don’t forget to click on “Settings” to save.



We also leave the video demo link:


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