535i F10 6wb cluster mileage correction with Xhorse VVDI PROG

Hello guys, I have here 2013 535 F10 with 6wb cluster to do mileage correction. I couldn’t modify mileage in dumps, I already wrote the modified in CAS, but I couldn’t write the dump 160d0wt in IC, thought VVDI prog cannot do this service. I have VVDI PROG and VVDI BIMTOOL

VVDI PROG can ERASE the first 2 lines, I do use adapter SOP16.



35160D0WT EEPROM is not erasable and has page-id which locks this memory to its own dashboard-micro. you CANNOT erase or substitute original memory with recovered/bought one. You have to emulate the original memory with an emulator and then edit the data. This requires special tooling and emulator etc.


Hope it helps!



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