2018 VVDI key tool FAQ & test reports

Here I put together 2018 VVDI key tool FAQ & test reports.

  1. Question: Can someone tell me about ID48 transponders and why after just buying the key tool I now have to spend almost the same money again to create a transponder for my wife’s 2009 Skoda Octavia II?

I also notice that my daughter’s 2004 Passat’s transponder cannot be cloned without risk of “broken original key” and a suggestion to use ID48-96bit copy online.

Why would is offer to continue for the Passat but not the Octavia?

Answer: mate, parts of 48 is supported by VVDI KEY TOOL offline directly decryption password. but when you do offline have to speed 40mins-1 hour, if this operation not finished you cannot take away the original key.

about 96bit copy48 support all online calculation support all car type with 48 transponder.

  1. Question: I was able to do another test with the vvdi key tool.

Car Chevrolet onix 2016 100%. Clone ID46

I would ask if possible, add generation of transponder Chevrolet PCF7937EA.

Dedicate transponder PCF7937EA Chevrolet Gm South America.

Answer: try to use this option, Chevrolet PCF7937EA should be compatible.


  1. Question:My Key Tool is…

SW: V2.2.0(1)

Remote: V205

AR: eu

Inner: V1.0.3

Are there any upgrades since then?

Where can I get a clean version of the Xhorse upgrade kit?

Answer: please update your device. the latest EU version firmware 2.2.2

about the upgrade kit you can setting on your window defender not scanning this file.

Or try this official link which is reliable & clean:


4.Question: I need help with id48 copy here.

I own both vvdi2 and key tool, and the rest of vvdi products.

I tried the key tool but it gave me that screen. What do I need to get, where? Where can I read about usage of key tool? Also, the software for key tool takes too long to detect a tool attached to PC and unusable.

I was trying old Porsche key.



First – you need licence on VVDI VV-04 9copy 48 96bit)

then you need combinate VVDi2 with Keytool

Then you need APP from google.

  1. Question: How to get VVDI key tool 48 96bit function?

Answer: if you already activated 96bit copy48 on VVDI2, just combined both device(VVDI2 and VVDI KEY connected to PC at the same time),

then both can activate.(combine interface in VVDI2-Transponder Programming-Points System)

if only with VVDI KEY TOOL and want to use 96 bit copy48, you have to contact with dealer for activate.

Today combine already activated 96bit copy48 on VVDI2, just combined both device(VVDI2 and VVDI KEY connected to PC at the same time),

then both can activate all ok .

vvdi-key-tool-id48-96bit-ok-01 vvdi-key-tool-id48-96bit-ok-02

  1. Question: My keytool can’t read remote frequency. I’ve tried so many different remotes but no success it’s just showing live oscillation but doesn’t change when I press a button on the remote.


Experience share: Did you hold the remote up against the RF receiver on the top of the tool where ‘xhorse’ is written? or did you just press buttons while remote is in the vicinity of the key tool?

The device does not read the frequency. You need to look for a place near the antenna.

Xhorse engineer advice: Try to generate a remote by VVDI KEY TOOL, then check whether can detect the frequency.(remove the cover, directly test PCB)

Question: It works!! It can detect vvdi remote frequency only? I’ve tried some other remotes that work on the car but vvdikeytool couldn’t detect the frequency.

Answer: VVDI KEY TOOL antenna should be work. try to remove the conver and exchange new battery of your other testing remotes.


  1. Few days ago I did one Jetta 2017 Color cluster ,

Add ID48 via VVDI2

clone ID48 via Keytool

total time 3min

  1. Question:  tried to clone id48 from Vw Polo 2013.with Johnson cluster. failed from the beginning. did not snif any info with data collector.Vvdi2 could not add key.

Answer: You try switch ignition on, off wait 30sec and switch on, repeat to 8 time?

I interesting what procedure is for key calculating, the original key is unlocked when is calculating?

  1. Question: I’m kind new to this field and just got my VVDI keytool. It’s the middle east version I guess by the ME sign on the upper left corner of the display and also English language. The problem I’m facing now is I can’t connect it to my phone via Bluetooth. And yes the Bluetooth sign on the upper right corner is on but I can’t see the device name when I search for available devices on vvdi app on my phone(android 6.0.1).

My question is do I need to press or hold any button when searching for available Bluetooth devices on my phone or my device is faulty?

Answer: Problem solved !!

The tool was version 2.0.6 updated to the latest version 2.2.0 and now it’s ok.

Credits to all of VVDI key tool users real test.

Thanks to Laurance


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